Maintaining independence as we age is a major priority.

Unfortunately the risk of falls increases as we age, particularly with any underlying health concerns.

Research has shown that more than one third of persons aged 65 or older fall each year. In half of these cases, the falls are recurrent. The risk of falls doubles or triples in cases of cognitive impairment or history of previous falls.

Sadly, falls are the most common cause of death in the over 65's . They are also often the precipitating factor for a person losing independence and requiring long term care. We often see a first fall setting in motion a downward spiral in which a person builds a fear of falling, which in turn, can lead to inactivity, loss of strength and further falling.

Whilst the statistics show that falls are common in the over 65's, we by no means agree that they are a 'normal' part of ageing.

We have therefore created our "Falls Prevention Programme" to work closely with individuals to prevent or reduce their individual risk of falls.

Our Falls Prevention Programme is an individualised service depending on client requirements.

Each client will be appointment a dedicated clinician to manage their case.

Home Risk Assessment

A home risk assessment is an important aspect of our falls prevention service.

Your designated clinician will attend your home for an assessment. This will include risk assessment of your home (i.e. factors which may increase your risk of falls), your mobility within your home, and an overall in depth consultation to learn about you.

Gait and movement Analysis

Posture, gait, balance and movement often decline as we age, resulting in a greater risk of falls.

Our clinicians will assess you in a variety of ways to discover your strengths and weaknesses, to enable us to develop personalised falls prevention plans for you.

Assessments will include your balance, walking style, footwear and more

Health Screen

Taking your overall health in to consideration is required to ensure a successful fall prevention plan for you.

Our health assessments will range from taking a full and in depth medical history, reviewing any  medications  you may take and more.

A nutritional screen will be carried out

Relevant blood tests and further medical tests if and when required.

Exercise and Strength Rehabilitation

Following on from your initial assessments, our clinicians will develop a specific exercise based rehabilitation plan for you.

Our plans will vary depending on your abilities and aims.  The overall aim is to improve your  strength and mobility to enable you to have confidence in your daily tasks.

The outcome of your assessments and screening will allow us to develop a personalised plan for your fall prevention programme

A full report will be sent to your General practitioner.

We work closely with a variety of medical, health and wellbeing businesses to provide ongoing care should you require further intervention.

Occupational Therapist to work with you to modify your home appropriately.

We can help liaise with home carers, home organisers, residential facilities and more to facilitate your falls prevention plan.