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Many symptoms have been linked to food intolerance

A food intolerance can occur when your body  has difficulty digesting certain foods. 

When this occurs over time, large food particles (proteins) may enter the blood stream.

When food particles enter the blood stream, the immune system can sometimes identify these food protein particles as 'foreign' and produces IgC antibodies to 'attack' the food in question. This response is your immune systems natural defence mechanism to ward off harmful invaders in the body which can create inflammation

Inflammation could trigger bothersome symptoms, which may persist or develop in the body if they are neglected. Unlike with food allergies, these symptoms are not potentially life threatening but they can have a negative impact on the quality of the suffers life. Common conditions and symptoms related to a food intolerance inlcude IBS, migraines, digestive problems, skin issues, fatigue, weight gain and depression.

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