We spend so much of our lives worrying, that we forget to look after the little things.

Our Foot Health Practitioners work closely with our Podiatrists to help keep you on your feet, wherever they may take you.

Our Foot Health Practitioners are able to treat the whole family. And specialise in areas such a nail cutting and hard skin removal.

Our team are also able to provide services such as an annual diabetic foot check, nail reconstruction and hot paraffin wax therapy.

The Foot Health team is also able to provide home visits for those who may be house bound or in a care home/residential facility.

Initial Foot Health Practitioner Assessment

If you are new to our clinic, or have never visited our Podiatry and Foot Health team, you must have an Initial Assessment in the first instance.

The appointment will consist of the Foot Health Practitioner taking a thorough medical history, checking your pulses, sensations of the feet and condition of the skin. The practitioner will also assess the issues you have presented with and discuss any appropriate treatment plans, and implement the first treatment (with your consent).

Our Foot Health Practitioner Team is the perfect solution for those hoping to giver their feet a 'medi-pedi' to reduce any discomfort due to any of the following conditions:

- Hard skin (callus)

- Corns

- Difficult to cut/thickened nails

Our Foot Health Practitioners may recommend you visit our Podiatry team for a follow up appointment if it is apparent you are suffering for more complex issues.

Price: £45

Follow Up Foot Health Practitioner

We recommend regular visits to our Foot Health Team to keep your feet in good condition and pain free throughout your life.

Follow up appointments with our Foot Health Practitioners are up to 30 minutes long and include treatment for:

- Nail cutting

- Hard skin removal

- Corn removal

The length of time between your appointments will be advised by your practitioner dependant on your conditions and treatment plan, which is personalised to you.

Price: £44

Nail Cut only with Foot Health Practitioner

We are pleased to be able to offer a simple nail cut service, for problem free nails.

This is suitable for clients upon recommendation of our Podiatry and Foot Health Team following their Initial Assessment only.

Price: £25

Warm Wax Therapy

Paraffin Warm Wax Therapy is a heat therapy which increases blood flow, tolerance for pain, relaxes muscles and increases hydration in the skin.

It is intended to moisturise and soften the skin while providing a therapeutic and healing effect to sore and aching joints. Making it particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain.

Conditions which may benefit from therapeutic warm wax therapy:

- Chilblains

- Arthritis

- Bursitis

- Eczema and Psoriasis

- Sore Muscles

- Stiff Joints

- Scar Tissue

- Inflammation

- Muscle Spasm

- Tendonitis

- Sports Injuries

- Scleroderma

Price: £40

Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction is a fantastic way of improving the look of a thickened, damaged or fungal nail.


It is a temporary measure lasting between four weeks to four months offering partial or complete nail reconstruction.


This procedure is a unique light cured system developed exclusively for the restoration and correction of the toenails.


The nail is made from a flexible resin which will not discolour and your practitioner will tone it to the original nail colour.


Once applied, it grows with the natural nail and just requires refilling every 4/6 weeks until the nail is grown fully.


It is suitable for anyone with nail conditions such as mycosis (fungal nails), trauma, onychauxis (thickened nails) etc. LCN Wilde Pedique can even be used with anti-fungal treatments and after nail surgery once the site is healed.

Nails varnish can be applied and removed without damaging the nail and the nail can be cut and filed.

Price: £50 plus additional fee if more than one nail. (additional large nail: £10, smaller nails £7.50).

Annual Diabetic Check

If you suffer from Diabetes it is important to monitor the health of your feet and legs.

An annual diabetic review is important for all diabetics to monitor their health and prevent any long term issues.

This appointment does a full neurological and vascular review (checks the skin condition, circulation and sensation of the feet and legs) and a full report sent to your GP.

We request that clients book an Initial Consultation for their first visit to the clinic.

Price: £45

Initial Home Visit:

Foot Health Practitioner

Our Foot Health Practitioners are able to offer Home Visits for those whom are house bound,in residential facilities/care homes, have mobility issues or are unable to walk easily up the flight of stairs to our clinic.

The Initial Home Visit consists of taking a thorough medical history, assessing the circulation, sensation and skin condition of the legs and feet. A treatment plan will be discussed and implemented.

Price: £60

Follow Up Home Visit:

Foot Health Practitioner

Following your Initial Home Visit, your Foot Health Practitioner will advice you of the suitable treatment plan for you.

Price: £50

Nail Cut Only Home Visit:

Foot Health Practitioner

We are able to provide a simple nail cut service to those whom require a home visit, and only a simple nail cut.

Your suitability for this appointment will be decided by your practitioner during you Initial Home Visit.

Price: £40

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