Luxury Medical Pedicure

Transform your feet with our therapeutic Luxury Medical Pedicure

Our Luxury Medical Pedicure is a  bespoke therapeutic treatment designed to leave your feet feeling new and refreshed.

Whatever your concerns, our initial assessment and diagnosis will help us manage your skin and nail conditions accordingly. 


Our Luxury Medical Pedicure will provide a bespoke and indulgent treatment plan which will address any foot health issues such as nail issues, callus, corns. cracked heels and more. The Luxury Medical Pedicure includes a therapeutic warm wax therapy treatment (an intensively moisturising foot treatment which also offers relaxation and relief from aching joints and more) and is completed with an intensive moisturising foot massage.

Luxury Medical Pedicure with Podiatrist (New Client)

Price: £72 

Luxury Medical Pedicure with Podiatrist

Price: £65

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