We're pleased to offer Wilde - Pedique LCN nail reconstruction.

Wilde-Pedique LCN is a gel system designed specifically for toenails. It is an extremely elastic UV gel which adapts to the movements of the toe. Its unique adhesive properties mean that good results can even be achieved on calloused layers of skin where there is no toe nail.

Wilde-Pedique is an effective  solution for those whom suffer with damaged nails.

The nail reconstruction can usually last up to 8 weeks. However, high impact activities and swimming may reduce the length of time the nail can stay on for.





Nail Reconstruction is suitable for most people. However, certain medical conditions and nail diagnoses may prevent you from having the procedure. 

Therefore we politely request that if it is your first time at our clinic, that you book and Initial Assessment before booking a Nail Reconstruction appointment. The Initial Assessment with consist of our practitoner taking  a full medical history, correctly diagnosing (and treating) your nail condition and time permitting, prepping the affected nails for nail reconstruction.


Nail Reconstruction (including one nail): £50


Additional large nail: £10

Additional small nail (each): £7.50

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