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Nutritional Therapy is an evidence based approach to maximising ones health through individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes

Do you suffer with pain, bloating, gas, tiredness? Do you want to go places,
visit friends, eat out without worrying?

Getting control over your symptoms isn’t easy. It takes time to identify and understand the
triggers for you personally and learn new food choices and habits that can help you.

Changes in nutrition and lifestyle take time and in Holly's experience need support too.
Holly understands and can work with you over a period of 9 weeks or more to guide and educate
you to manage your body. Start NOW and learn what works for your body so that you can
focus on other aspects of your life.

Holly would love to help you.

Programme Content

- Initial Personal Consultation (1-1.5hours)
- Follow up consultations , either face to face, online or telephone (45-60mins)
- Mini progress review calls (20-30mins)
- In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history,
family history, lifestyle and stress
- Personalised nutritional advice and supplement plan
- Personalised coaching to support new food choices and new lifestyle habits
- Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation (if applicable)
- Clinical test interpretation and recommendations (if applicable)
- Email support

Programme Levels of Support

Foundation - monthly support including initial and follow up sessions, plus email
Advanced – fortnightly support including initial, follow and fortnightly review
sessions, plus email support
Ultimate – weekly support including initial, follow and weekly review sessions, plus
email support

Programme Terms and Conditions

Please read these guidelines to ensure you understand and benefit from your programme.
- Full payment is due at the time of booking.
- Once payment has been made it is advisable to book a batch of programme
appointments in advance.
- For maximum benefit, the programmes are designed to be completed within 12
weeks. If this is not possible (special circumstances may apply), it is essential that
the programme is completed within 16 weeks. Any outstanding sessions beyond 16
weeks may be forfeited.
- Cancellations/rebooking: a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is necessary to cancel an
appointment. Notice of less than 24 hours may result in your appointment being
- Full terms of engagement are available on request.

Many of our clients benefit from Nutrition as an approach to improving their general health and wellbeing, as well as recovering from illness and injury.

Nutrition is suitable for everyone, from elite sports persons, busy commuters to those dealing with long term health conditions such as diabetes.

Healthy Morning

As a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Coach Holly guides people
to achieve their health goals using the functional model (FM) and a R.E.A.L.
everyday living approach (Rest, Eat, Activity and Leisure).  The FM model
considers health as an integration of all the body processes (e.g. energy,
detoxification, digestion etc).  R.E.A.L. is based on the wheel of life coaching
framework and connects the four pillars of wellbeing as applied by Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

Holly's Scope

Using a food first approach, diagnostic testing and supplements Holly can support clients to
- regain a focus on healthy eating

- rebalance blood sugar and cholesterol
- manage stress & anxiety,
- reduce fatigue and get their energy back
- weight loss and management
- reduce / manage joint and muscle pain
- resolve gut issues, such as IBS, gut disorder after infection/illness

so they can continue to live their lives with the health they deserve.

Healthy Food


About Holly


I make a difference to people through nutrition and coaching. I am passionate about helping
people with digestive issues, tiredness, anxiety and joint and muscle pain so they can get on
with living their lives. I know how to support my clients and can inspire others since I
reclaimed my own health with nutrition and lifestyle changes. I value freedom and
enjoyment of life.

I specialise in digestive health and in my MSc research reviewed the link between the
integrity of the intestinal lining and gut bacterial imbalances and rheumatoid arthritis
inflammation (e.g. joint/muscle pain). It highlighted the possible role of probiotics in the
reduction/management of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

I have retrained because I learnt so much about nutritional health and  lifestyle factors to reclaim my
own health back in 2014, which demonstrated the importance to me of digestive health.
Previously, I was a finance manager and have 17 years’ experience in the
telecommunications sector, originally training as a chartered accountant with Deloitte, New

I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT),
registered with the Complementary and Healthcare Council (CNHC), trained at the College of
Nutrition, Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM) and did my MSc in personalised
nutrition with University of Worcester in collaboration with CNELM. I am also an NLP coach
with the Association for Neurolinguistic Programming Language (ANLP).