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Nutrition is an evidence based approach to maximising ones health through individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes


Our Nutrition programmes provide assessment and guidance to support your individual lifelong nutritional journey.

Assessment and guidance for nutritional programming to support specialist sport and maximal performance. Predominantly Plant-Based guidance and support, aimed to build confidence in meal planning and prep to develop and maintain optimal fitness for sports and physical activity. Additionally able to offer advice and support for weight management.

Many of our clients benefit from Nutrition as an approach to improving their general health and wellbeing, as well as recovering from illness and injury.

Nutrition is suitable for everyone, from elite sports persons, busy commuters to those dealing with long term health conditions such as diabetes.

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Our Nutritional guidance can help with variety of issues such as:

- Digestive problems

- Weight problems

- Cardio vascular health

- Hormonal imbalances

- Women's health

- Skin conditions

- Autoimmune disorders

- Diabetes

- Mental health

- General health and wellbeing

- Part of a training regimen

Fitness Nutrition: Initial Consultation

Price: £55

Fitness Nutrition: Follow Up

Price: £50

Fitness Nutrition: Block of 4

Price: £180