Nutritional Therapy is an evidence based approach to maximising ones health through individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes

Nutritional Therapy treats the body as a 'whole' whilst seeking the root cause of health concerns, rather than treating the symptoms alone. Our therapists use an individual approach to each client as 'one size' does not 'fit all'.

Many of our clients benefit from Nutritional Therapy as an approach to improving their general health and wellbeing, as well as recovering from illness and injury.

Nutritional Therapy is suitable for everyone, from elite sports persons, busy commuters to those dealing with long term health conditions such as diabetes.

Our Nutritional Therapists can help with variety of issues such as:

- Digestive problems

- Weight problems

- Cardio vascular health

- Hormonal imbalances

- Women's health

- Skin conditions

- Autoimmune disorders

- Diabetes

- Mental health

- General health and wellbeing

- Part of a training regimen

                                                             ABOUT OUR NUTRITION PROGRAMME



Your body is made up of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals, all of which need replenishing  
as your body consumes them each day. If you want to change the way you feel, or how your body is functioning, 
a focussed nutritional review and plan is your first step.

Nutritional Therapy is more than just healthy eating; it is based on scientific research into how our individual 
biochemistry works and how we can help to support our own bodies and keep them at the peak of optimum health.

Clinical Research has shown that targeted nutrition may help develop the body’s strength and resistance to illness 
and disease, and is highly beneficial in many areas affecting our health and well-being.

Ailments and chronic health conditions arise when your body is not functioning optimally – you may not be eating well, you are stressed, or maybe just generally feeling fatigued and run-down. And this may show itself with simple symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, headaches, joint pain, plus many others. In the long-term this may lead to more serious health concerns, so supporting all your bodily systems by eating a healthy diet and maintaining a relaxed lifestyle is hugely important.

Nutritional therapy is a complimentary therapy, which can be used alongside orthodox medicine.


                                                What to expect in our one to one consultation plan

Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health and peak performance. 
Nutritional therapy can identify potential nutritional imbalances and how these contribute to symptoms,  
using the functional model, which takes into account each system in the body and how they all relate to each other.


Change takes time. If you have been suffering from negative symptoms for years, it can take a few months to see benefits of your nutritional plan so this 3x consultation plan is run over 3-4 months, to allow you time to adjust to your new lifestyle and diet, whilst being totally supported by Joy throughout.


A consultation includes: 

• A detailed analysis of your dietary and nutritional intake. 
• A detailed health and family case history. 
• A strategy for health – linking the symptoms to nutritional imbalances and providing 
support and encouragement to help you change both diet & lifestyle. 
• An Action Plan – personalised advice for diet and lifestyle changes. 
• A supplement programme – advice of any recommended nutritional supplements required.


The initial consultation takes 1 to 1.5 hours, prior to which you will be asked to complete and return 
a nutritional questionnaire. This will help maximise the effectiveness of your first appointment.


The second and third consultations take place within the next two months, each lasting 30-45 minutes. 

There is a lot to learn when it comes to your diet and nutrition, and follow-ups are a great time to get 
more tips on eating healthily e.g. – what to eat when out and about, what to feed the rest of the family, 
recipe ideas, and ways to manage other areas of your life impacting on your nutritional goals or health.


Fee: £220.00 (includes 3 Consultations, diet and lifestyle plan and recipes)


Supplements and tests may be recommended at an additional cost.

Our Nutritional Therapist, Joy Skipper, can be booked for the First Monday of the Month via our telephone and online booking services.

Find out more about Joy and her services at

Joy is also available on a much more regular basis and can be contacted via or to discuss the therapy and potential appointment days/times to suit you.