Pilates is an exercise method which has been proven to be beneficial to many conditions as part of the rehabilitation process.

Our aim is to help you restore, achieve and excel in physical health, whether that be returning to sport post injury, or regaining the confidence to carry out daily tasks independently which may have become troublesome.

Our 1:1 and small group classes ensure your class is tailored specifically to you, achieving the best overall outcome.

Pilates Initial Session

Your first 1:1 pilates session will consist of an in depth health and movement assessment to determine your abilities and/or concerns. Your first sessions is one hour long.

Price: £50

Pilates Follow Up

1:1 Pilates sessions.

Price: £50

Pilates Block of 4

1:1 pilates sessions block of 4 (1 hour each).

Price: £180

Pilates Block of 8

1:1 Pilates block of 8 (1 hour per session).

Price: £355

Pilates Small Group

Small group class of maximum 5 or 6 people.

Classes run in 4 week blocks.

Price: £72 (for 4 week block)

Pilates Group Class

Coming soon

Price: tbc

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