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October Autumnal Offer!

Autumn Podiatry Offer

The darker and colder nights are drawing in as autumn encroaches.

But don't be miserable! The autumn days are a beautiful time to head out for family walks and warming roast dinners in country pubs whilst relaxing by a log fire.

But does the thought of getting out and about fill you with dread due to painful feet?

The long summer, bare feet and flip flops have wreaked havoc on many peoples feet this year! Causing painful callus, corns and the odd verrucae to pop up!

Fear not! Here at Henley Podiatry and Health Therapies we want to keep you on your feet, active and pain free all year long!

Therefore we are running a Podiatry Offer throughout October (whilst stocks last) to help you get your feet in to shape for the Autumn and Winter months (party season is coming!).

Book an Initial Podiatry Consultation throughout October and receive a FREE FOOT FILE and GEHWOL FOOT CREAM (sample size).

Not sure if Podiatry is for you?

Podiatry is the only allied health profession (medical profession) which specialises in the care of the feet and lower limbs. We specialise in ALL age groups! EVERYONE can benefit from having their feet checked! We recommend having your feet checked every 6 months to 12 months (more regularly if you are having issues).

Not sure what to expect from your Initial Consultation?

As we are a medical profession be prepared for a full medical history take. If you take any medications or have any allergies, please bring a list of them with you. You may not think some of your health conditions are relevant to the treatment of your feet, but this is usually not the case. For example, someone with heart problems may be on certain anticoagulant (blood thinner) medication which means we need to take extra precautions during treatment. Similarly , someone with liver or kidney issues may not be suitable for some forms of fungal nail treatment. And some people with allergies to silver may not be suitable to some forms of verrucae treatment, amongst many more! Don't forget to let us know about any bone or soft tissue injuries, such as disc herniations, knee arthroscopies, ankle sprains, hyper mobility etc as these can often affect your movement, which may in turn result in issues in the legs and feet.

Your practitioner will go through your medical history with you and delve further in to any relevant pieces of information you provide.

Attending the podiatry clinic for a 'general' initial consultation usually means having your foot checked and some treatment carried out.

Initial assessment usually entail checking the pulses and condition of your feet. We will then discuss our findings and discuss the most suitable treatment plan for you.

For example; if you attend the clinic and have a problematic thickened nail and build up of hard skin on the heels. We would likely recommend having the nail thinned and removing the hard skin (callus) with the use of a scalpel. This is a completely pain free procedure which allows us to get your feet in to a comfortable and soft stage to continue with a home care plan and regular podiatry check ups (intervals vary person to person).

If you are suffering from painful feet, possibly caused by callus and corns, don't be disheartened and think you need to live with it! As well as removing the problem areas, we will assess the likely cause and recommend further treatment accordingly.

Callus and corns are built up due to pressure and friction. This may be purely from your chosen footwear or could be from the way that you walk causing excessive pressures in specific areas. During the initial assessment we will have a quick look at this, but you may also be recommended to book a 1 hour Biomechanical assessment in which further assessment of your movement can be undertaken.

Expect to be at your initial consultation for up to 30 minutes. Initial podiatry consultations are priced at £52.

Online bookings, email bookings and telephone bookings available.

Podiatry appointments available with Jessica most Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays in our Henley on Thames Clinic

T&C's: Appointments must be booked and used by Wednesday 31st October. Free foot file and sample sized Gehwol cream available whilst stocks last. Only available to new clients booking and paying for an Initial Podiatry Consultation at Henley Podiatry and Health Therapies, 36 Hart Street, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 2AU.

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