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Orthotics...What are they? Do you need them?

What are orthotics? Do you even need them? Will they fit in your shoes?

Sometimes to assist the mechanics of your lower limb issues, your podiatrist may recommend an orthotic.

This is a prescribed insert put in to your shoe to aid the mechanics of your foot. It could help with the overall alignment of your legs and posture. This form of therapy (linked with prescribed exercise therapy) may be able to not only help your foot pain, but also improve knee, hip and back pain.

Primarily we use them when people suffer from issues such as flat feet, heel pain and bunions (amongst many other issues!).

There are many types of orthotic and prescriptions depending on your age, size, weight and the nature of your issue. One size does not fit all in this case!

At Henley Podiatry and Health Therapies we use two methods of orthotics.

We use a range of pre fabricated orthotics. These are inserts pre made and we can make slight changes to their prescription. These are fantastic if someone is suffering from an injury and they are unlikely to need continued use of orthotic therapy once they are healed. Or great for children whom are likely to grow out of them relatively quickly.

We also manufacture custom made orthotics using 3D scanning technologies. Our orthotic prescriptions and scans are sent to and manufactured by the prestigious Footwork Podiatric Laboratory based in Australia (don’t worry this doesn’t mean you will be waiting long for your orthotics to arrive!)

Have a look at the link to find out more about how our orthotics are manufactured at Footwork Podiatry Laboratory! http://www.footwork.com.au/about/

We aim to provide you with orthotics that you are able to wear for the majority of the time. As best as we try to get a fit suitable for most footwear. It may be recommended that you have different styles for your work shoes and sports shoes. There may also be times we simply can't make an orthotic suitable for a shoe. Hopefully this would be purely for a shoe that you don't wear regularly (otherwise it's very likely we will advise a change in footwear!). An orthotic should be able to fit in to a shoe that fits you correctly!

Please note: At Henley Podiatry and Health Therapy we strongly believe orthotic therapy works best when combined with prescribed exercise therapy and appropriate footwear. Your Podiatrist will always encourage you to carry out the exercises they have prescribed to get the best outcome and encourage the footwear types they have discussed with you (as well as the use of orthotics) to get the best outcomes for your condition.

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