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Pods Heal Heels

Did you know that heel pain is one of the most common issues we see in clinic? And for such a 'small' area of the body, there are A LOT of different issues which could be occurring. All the more reason to get the right diagnosis AND treatment . Let's get you up and about pain free again!

Your heels are the unsung heroes of your feet, rarely getting credit and attention for all the hard work they do. Think about it: your heels take a lot of pounding day after day.

For most people, the heels are the first part of the foot that makes contact with the ground when walking or running. And that means they are subjected to a lot of repetitive force. Plus, your heels provide the 'connection' between your lower leg and your foot, so they get a lot of stress and strain whenever you stretch or flex your calves (so every time you take a step).

Because they take the brunt of so much force and strain, it's no surprise that heel pain is a common complaint among women and men, especially those who lead very active lives.

Fortunately, even though they take a lot of punishment, heels tend to be pretty resilient too.

Keep an eye out for our posts from our fantastic MSK podiatrist André over the coming days all about the different causes of heel pain for this years annual podshealheels campaign.

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