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Welcome to Henley Podiatry and Health Therapies Centre!

We are so pleased to announce that we will be opening our doors in Henley-on-Thames from end-May 2018!

At our Henley centre we will be offering a wide range of multidisciplinary therapies which complement each other to encourage health and wellbeing for all ages.

We will begin rolling out our therapies from May, beginning with Podiatry and Pilates.

Our aim is to bring the local community together to keep an active and healthy lifestyle whilst addressing any underlying medical issues.

If you have any queries please do no hesitate to contact us at info@henleypodiatry.com

We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. (Our phone lines, reception and online bookings will become available a little closer to our May opening date).

Henley-on-Thames not local to you? We will also have Podiatry available in Notting Hill and pilates home visits in West London.

Are you a therapist or exercise professional and think you can bring something to the team? Get in touch for a chat! We are always thinking of ways to bring more options to our clients to provide a personalised treatment plan to our clients!

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