Initial assessment: £52  

All clients must undergo an initial assessment. During this appointment a full medical history and assessment of your condition will be taken.  Your Podiatrist will discuss suitable treatment plan options with you and commence treatment. 

Please bring a list of any medications and allergies.

Follow up: £50  

Biomechanical assessment: £80

A biomechanical assessment is for anybody whom is having pain or issues with walking or sports. The assessment usually entails gait analysis (checking the way you are walking/moving), Podiatrists also check joint mobility and muscle strength and function to see how the lower limbs are affecting whole body function.  Your Podiatrist will discuss their findings and device an individualised treatment plan for you. This may include manual therapies, exercise therapy or orthotic prescription.

Orthotic Therapy:

Orthotic therapy can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of conditions. Here at Henley Podiatry and Health Therapies we are able to offer a variety of orthotic types dependant on your requirements. 

Prices therefore vary dependant on whether you have pre-fabricated or 3D scanned custom orthotics. Your Podiatrist will be able to discuss options and price quotes in depth with you.

Specialist appointments and treatment packages. Please see our treatment package page.

We have numerous specialist appointments and treatment packages available dependant on your condition and needs. Examples include; verrucae treatments, ingrown nail surgery, and nail cut only. Prices can be discussed with your Podiatrist during your compulsory initial assessment.

Home Visit: £60

Please contact us to book a home visit if you or the person you are booking for is house bound or unable to walk up a flight of stairs to our current location (Henley-on-Thames). Availability dependant on client location.


Functional Screening: £45

A 1 hour session on a 1:1 basis with your pilates teacher. In this session your instructor will take a full medical/injury history. You will be screened whilst carrying out a series of exercises to gain a thorough understanding of you movement abilities, and how any injuries may be impacting your function. Usually the session will end with an introduction to your 1:1 pilates exercises (and some homework exercises to get you prepared for your next appointment!

Pilates 1:1: £45 

A 1 hour pilates session with matwork and small equipment.

Pilates 2:1: (£30 per person - £60 total)

Can only be booked in pairs.  1 hour session.

Pilates Small Group: tbc


Barre Small Group: tbc

Barre 1:1: £45

A 1 hour session

Please note: We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Late cancellations and missed appointments will be charged the full appointment fee.