Paediatric Podiatry

No matter what they decide to be when they grow up, give your children a skipping start to life.

Paediatric podiatry is a branch of podiatry which focuses on the assessment and treatment of conditions affecting the foot and lower limb in children.

Children with strong, healthy feet avoid many kinds of lower extremity problems later in life. That's why it is important to inspect your children's feet regularly.

The size and shape of your baby's feet change quickly during their first year. Because a baby's feet are flexible, too much pressure or strain can affect the shape of their feet. It's important to allow baby to kick and stretch their feet freely. Also, make sure shoes and socks do not squeeze the toes.

The foot's bone structure is well-formed by the time your child reaches age 7 or 8, but if a growth plate (the area where bone growth begins) is injured, the damaged plate may cause the bone to grow oddly. 


Other common childhood conditions are verrucae, ingrown toenails and more...which can be assessed and treated by our Podiatrists.

Paediatric Initial Consultation

Price: £52

Paediatric Follow Up 

Price: £50