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Swift Microwave Therapy for Verrucae


What is it?

Swift Microwave Therapy is a ground breaking treatment that effectively treats stubborn warts & verrucae. Verruca, caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are located on the outside of the skin making them hard for your immune system to neutralise. Swift targets the affected tissue, raising the temperature to encourage your immune system to effectively treat the condition.

Who is it for?

Swift Microwave Therapy is suitable for most patients who have struggled to effectively treat verrucae. Get in touch to find out more

Swift is suitable for most age groups, including children in certain instances.


Swift Q&As

Find out more about this revolutionary verruca treatment


How Does the Swift Treatment Work?

Unlike most treatments that are designed to destroy the skin, the Swift treatment uses thermal energy to heat the skin and produce an immune response. The body’s immune system is very sensitive to heat and achieving a temperature between 41-43C (known as the “hyperthermia” zone) produces a stronger effect, helping the body naturally clear the virus that causes warts and verruca.


I’ve tried other verruca treatments – what makes the Swift Treatment different?

The biggest benefit of the Swift treatment is the high chance of success. Warts and verruca are notoriously difficult to treat, and many patients have suffered with the condition for years. Swift has shown in clinical studies to be around 80% effective – meaning the majority of patients successfully get rid of their warts and verruca.

More than 100,000 people have benefited from this treatment since it was first launched in 2017, and it is quickly becoming the gold standard treatment for warts and verruca globally.

Swift is also quick – the treatment is applied via repeated energy doses, usually only a few seconds in duration.

There is no specific after-care required, no dressings, and most patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately post-treatment. 


How much will my Swift Verruca Treatment Cost?

 Many Swift patients have long-standing and extensive verruca lesions, while some patients just have small, singular lesions. We will be able to provide guidance on what to expect during your initial consultation.

Based on Swift's research we usually recommend our Swift treatment package, £496. This package consists of four swift treatments spaces 3 -5 weeks apart and a check up 12 weeks post final treatment. One off individual sessions are priced at £150.

Cost Swift.png

Is Swift Verruca Treatment safe for Children?

The Swift treatment is safe for use in children and is used widely across the world in a paediatric setting, including in children’s hospitals in the UK. We will be able to provide guidance on treatment choices and protocols for your child at your first consultation.


Does Swift Microwave Therapy Hurt?

Like all treatments for warts and verruca, there is pain at the point of treatment with Swift microwave therapy. The pain is usually very brief, and felt for just a second or two and when the treatment stops, the pain stops. It is rare for the pain to continue post-treatment, and the vast majority of patients can continue with their day as normal.


What to Book


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