Put your feet in good hands

You spend so much of your life on your feet. They look after you, isn't it about time you looked after them?

Henley Podiatry and Health Therapies are - 

We are a holistic practice who think differently. We treat a range of foot and lower limb conditions. However; our speciality is taking a proactive and preventative approach to foot and lower limb care.

Our goal is to change the way you think about your feet and overall health and wellbeing. Helping you to avoid lifelong problems.

Feet are our foundation, and we believe that optimal foot health leads to improved overall health and wellbeing.

Many of our first time

clients admit to being 

embarrassed of

showing us their feet!

At Henley Podiatry and Health Therapies, we understand that you may feel insecure about your feet. Throughout the years we have seen a variety of feet in all conditions.

We know that no two feet are the same and that every person has different needs, which is why we take a non-judgemental, individualised approach to your health care.

Unlike the tyres on your car, you only get one pair of feet for your lifetime.

They are fundamental to your life, health and mobility and should not be ignored. By taking the time to care for your feet, you can avoid long term problems, and even spot health issues throughout the rest of your body.

Our goal is to keep you on your feet and mobile for the rest of your life.

Find out more about the conditions we treat and which Podiatry appointment to book 

New to Podiatry and unsure if we can help you? Follow our information below to discover how we could help you and your feet!

Telephone Triage

Are you or a family member struggling with foot or leg pain and unsure where to turn to during this time?

You can book a FREE telephone triage with us!

Our Podiatrist, Jessica can speak to you about your concern and offer advise on the most appropriate next set to take.

Price: Complimentary

Telehealth Consult (Phone or Video)

We may recommend a video consultation.

This allows us to 'meet' you and to be able to 'see' any issues you may be having. We can therefore offer you suitable advice, diagnosis and treatment plans.

There are a variety of appointments depending on your issue. Appointments may range from up to 30 minutes to up to  1 hour. This will be advised at your triage (prior to your actual appointment).

Price: £30 for up to 30 minutes

          £50 for  up to 60 minutes

Rehabilitative Exercise 

As part of your treatment plan you may be recommended specific exercises related to your injury, weaknesses and strengths. 

To facilitate your continued improvement and development, we have a 1:1 video exercise session available.

Price: £30 for 40 minutes

          Block of 4: £116

Initial Podiatry Consultation

This is the right appointment for you if it is the first time you are visiting one of our Podiatrists.

This is a 30 minute appointment in which a full medical history will be taken, and appropriate treatment plan put in to place. This usually means you will have your first treatment carried out also.

This appointment can be used for any skin and nail issues you may be having.

If you suffer from any of the following this is the right appointment for you!

- verrucaes

- corns and callus

If you are having other concerns but not sure which appointment to book, then this appointment is perfect for you too!

Price: £52

Biomechanical Assessment

This is the best appointment to book if you are suffering from a foot or ankle/leg injury or have concerns about the way you are walking.

During this hour long appointment we will fully assess your issue and how it is affecting your overall mobility.

A diagnosis and treatment plan specifically for you will be implemented.

If you are having issues with any of the following, this is the appointment for you!

- flat feet

- ankle strains and sprains

- heel pain,

- bunions

- metatarsal pain

- mortons neuroma

plus many many more!

Price: £80

Free Discovery Consultation

Struggling to know what's best to book or unsure if Podiatry could help you?

We are pleased to be able to provide a short consultation to discuss your issue and advise which appointment to book in the first instance.

These 15 minute appointments are available in person at our clinic or via skype at a mutually convenient time.

Price: Complimentary

Follow up

Our follow up appointments are usually 30 minutes long. 

You may be recommended these or possibly a 'treatment' package dependant on your diagnosis and agreed upon treatment plan.


Price: £50 

Annual Diabetic Foot Review

An annual diabetic review is important for all diabetics to monitor their health and prevent any long term issues.

This appointment does a full neurological and vascular review (checks the skin condition, circulation and sensation of the feet and legs) and a full report sent to your GP.

We request that clients book an Initial Consultation for their first visit to the clinic.


Price: £45

Nail Cut Clinic

Following your initial assessment, your podiatrist may advise you that you are suitable to attend our nail cut only clinic.

These appointments are available for clients who need a simple nail cut without any complex issues. 

Only available to clients who have been instructed  by our podiatry team.

Price: £30

3D Orthotic Scan

We use 3D scanning technology to take scans of the feet to ensure accuracy.

Please note: orthotic scans and prescription can only be booked by existing clients.

New clients must initially book a Biomechanical Assessment or Initial Podiatry Consultation.

Price: £45

Custom Made Orthotics

We are proud to work with the world renowned Footwork Podiatric Laboratories to manufacture our custom made orthotics


Key benefits of 3D printed foot orthoses by Footwork:

Environmentally Friendly

Made from PA11 nylon, a premium natural organic resource

Footwork’s new in-house orthotic design software has delivered free-hand, real-time orthotic customisation that perfectly contours the anatomical curves of different feet. 

3D Printing – Powered by HP Fusion Jet

3D printing is incredibly versatile without the restriction and lack of tool path trajectory that affects CNC milling polypropylene.

Premium Durability

Extensively tested by Hewlett Packard engineers and in-house at Footwork.

Price: From £320

Prefabricated Orthotics

We have a variety of pre fabricated orthotics dependant on requirements and cost.

Price: various

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy can be used for various reasons, including pain and inflammation reduction.

Referrals welcome.

Price: Dependant on requirments

Dermal Filler Injections for Foot Pain

Dermal filler can be used to reduce pain an pressure on bony prominences.

Price: Dependant on requirements

Additional Local Anaesthetic

Sometimes local anaesthetic may be recommended to offer pain relied for certain procedures during your appointment.

Price: From £30