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We specialise in getting you back on your feet.

Pain free.


Yesterday I ran the London Marathon and my feet were AMAZING!! ... I never thought I would run without excruciating blisters, but my training and race was terrific!!



I was so impressed how easily and efficiently I could receive the help and support I needed via video consult. She diagnosed the issues and has given me a clear treatment plan to follow going forward to help with the repair process!  Thank you again Jess, you're a star!


Do you have any idea how much you have improved my life? - with more to come I hope!...No pain or problems of any kind with either legs or heart. Thank you so so much!​


Mr K (age 80)


At Henley Podiatry, we are a holistic practice who think differently. We treat a range of foot and lower limb conditions.  



Feet are our foundation, and we believe that optimal foot health leads to improved overall health and wellbeing. Our goal is to change the way you think about your feet and overall health and wellbeing. Helping you to avoid lifelong problems.

Our speciality is taking a proactive and preventative approach to foot and lower limb care.


Popular Services


Walking & Running Analysis in 3D

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Shockwave Therapy


Ingrown Nails

Bare Feet


Fitting Orthotic Insoles

Enjoy healthy feet in 3 simple steps!

Let's Get
To Know You

Discuss with us your medical history, any foot or lower limb problems and lifestyle habits. Let us understand your concerns and what issues you’d like to resolve to return to your normal activities and happy place.


Assessing Your Foot Health

Help us understand what factors are contributing to your foot problem. Once we know what symptoms you’re experiencing, we carry out an in-depth clinical assessment of your foot to determine causes and make a diagnosis.


Your Treatment Plan

Find out what solutions are available to treat your problem/s. After gathering all the findings, we take you through the different treatment options you have and provide you with a personalised treatment plan.

Because we don’t just care about your feet, we care about your happiness too.


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