Foot Massage

Home Visits

We are able to provide Foot Health visits in the home for our clients with mobility issues.

Our feet keep us mobile throughout our lives.

As we age and perhaps find mobility more difficult, it is even more important to have regular check ups of the feet to prevent falls, infection and more.

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Our priority is to keep our clients safe, mobile and pain free.

We are therefore pleased to be able to offer a home visit service to our most vulnerable clients.

Our home visits our carried out by our Foot Health Professional, and if appropriate our podiatrists.

Our FHP works closely with our podiatrists to ensure the most appropriate treatment plan is created for each individual clients specific needs. This may mean further intervention from our podiatrists or onward referrals to specialist services.

Regular foot care for the ageing population is extremely important to reduce risk of undiagnosed medical conditions including but not limited to: infection, circulation disorders, diabetes, neuropathy, mobility issues and more. Issues in the feet can often be one of the first visible signs of further underlying medical conditions.

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