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Running the London Marathon?

After all the hard work, it's finally here! London Marathon 2019!

Months of preparation and training are going to make this one of the most memorable achievements of your life. The advice from us all here at Henley Podiatry and Health Therapies is ENJOY YOURSELF!

Make the most of your experience, and look after yourself.

There's no denying it, you will be uncomfortable during and after the race!

Reduce your post race discomfort by looking after yourself.

To help get you back on your feet, we are offering 10% off Initial Podiatry Consultations (and follow up for our existing customers) until 24th May 2019.

Use this offer to come and have our Podiatrist help deal with any painful blisters, wounds, hard skin, corns, callus, damaged nails/falling off nails, ingrown nails (and much more) to get your feet feeling like new again! Just book online or call our reception team and let us know you are booking the 'Marathon Offer'.

When you attend your appointment all that we ask is that you bring your marathon confirmation/completion correspondence! (T&C's apply)

If you have suffered from a foot or ankle injury during the event our Podiatrist can help too!

A few post race tips:

1. Keep moving! It might feel like as soon as you get to the finish line you want to lay down on the floor for the rest of the evening. But it's important to allow yourself a gentle cool down. This can be done by walking! Don't continue to overexert yourself, cool down gradually and let your heart rate return to normal gradually.

2. Make sure you eat well. It's recommended that you eat a small snack 30 - 60 minutes pst race, and a larger meal later in the day/evening.

3. Foam rollers are your best friend!

Use a foam roller to massage your legs! Particularly your iliotibial band (often one of the causes of the dreaded 'runner's knee'; here's a great instructional video series

4. Gentle stretches and in the days/weeks after some gentle yoga classes/poses.

5. Take a break! It's important to rest after such an instense sporting event. Start your exercise regime gradually in the weeks following the marathon, don't rush in to anything too strenuous again (unless your training has specifically taken this in to consideration).


Offer valid up to and including Friday 24th May 2019. Offer only valid for Initial Podiatry Consultation with Jessica (no other practitioners). Offer only available at our Henley on Thames branch. Must quote 'Marathon Offer' when booking over the phone or online booking. All participants must bring evidence of London Marathon participation, otherwise offer will not be guaranteed. Clinic and practitioner have the right to withdraw offer or deny offer at any time. 24 hour cancellation policy applies, otherwise full late cancellation fee may apply.

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